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The Atlanta Fish Market has you covered for the best lobster roll in town. Our secret to this delicious favorite.

At the Atlanta Fish Market, we take pride in serving the most authentic and delectable Maine Lobster Rolls in Atlanta. We know that a great lobster roll is more than just a sandwich; it’s an experience, a taste of the ocean, and a culinary tradition that dates back generations. Let’s dive into what makes our lobster rolls the talk of the town!

The Origin of the Lobster Roll

The lobster roll has its roots in New England, where the fresh, succulent taste of lobster has been celebrated for centuries. It’s believed that the first lobster roll was served in a restaurant in Milford, Connecticut, in the 1920s. Since then, this simple yet elegant dish has become a symbol of coastal cuisine.

The Magic of Maine Lobster

At Atlanta Fish Market, we believe in using only the finest ingredients, and that starts with our Maine Lobster. Known for its sweet, tender meat, Maine Lobster is considered the gold standard for lobster rolls. We source our lobsters directly from the cold, clear waters of the Atlantic, ensuring that you get the freshest taste possible.

Seafood Sustainability Matters

We understand the importance of sustainability in seafood sourcing. That’s why we partner with responsible fisheries that adhere to strict environmental and ethical standards. When you enjoy a lobster roll at Atlanta Fish Market, you’re not only indulging in a delicious meal but also supporting a sustainable future for our oceans.

Come Taste the Tradition

Whether you’re a longtime lobster lover or new to this coastal delicacy, we invite you to join us at Atlanta Fish Market and discover why our Maine Lobster Rolls are considered the best in Atlanta. It’s not just a sandwich; it’s a celebration of flavor, tradition, and the joy of great food.

Whether you prefer your lobster chilled with lemon, mayo and celery or buttery warm with drawn butter and lemon, the Atlanta Fish Market has you covered for the best lobster roll in town.

Delicous looking lobster roll on a buttery garlic bread bun

The Chilled Lobster Roll

The chilled version of the Jumbo Maine Lobster Roll is a refreshing and light option on warmer days. The whole 1lb. Lobsters are freshly steamed to perfection, ensuring the utmost tenderness and flavor in every bite. Lobster meat is delicately mixed with a squeeze of lemon, mayo, and freshly diced celery and served on a butter-toasted bun with thin-cut fries.

Buttery Warm

For those seeking a more indulgent experience, the buttery warm Jumbo Maine Lobster Roll is a must-try. The succulent 1 lb lobster is steamed and cracked to perfection, then chilled. Its tender meat is lightly poached in drawn butter, then placed on a butter-toasted bun served with thin-cut fries. The drawn butter gives the lobster a silky smoothness and flavor that lingers on the palate. With a fresh squeeze of lemon over the top, the citrus cuts through the richness, creating a harmony of flavors.

The Bun

No lobster roll experience would be complete without the bread that holds all the deliciousness together. At the Atlanta Fish Market, the lobster rolls are served on a butter-toasted New England bun, baked fresh at our very own Buckhead Bread Company! This bun is lightly toasted to golden perfection, giving it a crunch that complements the tender lobster meat inside.


In the heart of Buckhead, the Atlanta Fish Market offers seafood enthusiasts an unforgettable culinary experience with their Jumbo Maine Lobster Rolls. With either of these two options, these lobster rolls showcase the finest ingredients and culinary expertise. Pair this meal with a crisp Sauvignon Blanc, and every mouthful will transport your taste buds to the shores of Maine.


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